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Slow OracleConnection Creation

This afternoon I executed a simple DDL statement with Oracle.DataAccess.dll and noticed it took upwards of 30 seconds when it should have come back in a second or so. In stepping through the code I noticed the large delay was in creating the Oracle Connection, not connecting to the database or executing the SQL:

Oh Oracle you are the snake to my mongoose, or the mongoose to my snake. Either way it's bad.

I vaguely remembered a similar issue years ago that had something to do with a logging directory not existing. I no longer had the email I sent with the details nor could I find the information online. So I fired up Process Monitor and found several writes to the below files:
In inspecting the log files I found hundreds of occurrences of the below error:
Directory does not exist for read/write 
[C:\app\username\product\11.2.0\client_2\log] []
This was further confirmed in Process Monitor entries:
1:52:13.8086867 PM	OracleScriptExecutor.vshost.exe	8556	CreateFile	
C:\app\username\product\11.2.0\client_2\log	NAME NOT FOUND	
Desired Access: Read Attributes, Disposition: Open, Options: Open Reparse Point, 
Attributes: n/a, ShareMode: Read, Write, Delete, AllocationSize: n/a
At first I just tried creating the Log directory but that didn't work. I checked security on the directory but it seemed sufficient. To resolve the error I had to create the folder structure "log\diag\clients" in my "C:\app\username\product\11.2.0\client_2\" directory.

Afterwards I could get through the OracleConnection ctor in a reasonable time:

With the details in hand I changed my web search and discovered this Oracle forum entry posted 3 years ago! 3 years and this problem is still not fixed? Come on Oracle, get it together.

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Reader Comments (3)

Thanks, this was driving me crazy. new OracleConnection() was taking 130 seconds the first time it was called in a C# program - subsequent calls while the test program was runnig took maybe 100ms (odd, given that the variable was disposed, database connection closed etc and then redeclared). But if i restarted the program, the first call took 130 seconds again.
Also, if i ran it from Visual Studio, it too 100ms every time!

So a problem Oracle discovered now 5 years ago is still causing grief. We should, I suppose, upgrade out clients from, but deployment is a big headache.

September 3, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDavid Douglas

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
This made my day.

March 13, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterJohn McPherson

That is very helpful, Thank you very much:)

August 24, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterHollyHuo

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